Making the Renewable Energy Revolution a Reality

Building on the momentum of the 2023 National Manufacturing Summit, which focused on the Renewable Energy: Challenges and Opportunities, the 2024 Summit embarks on an ambitious journey with its theme: Pathways to Success…Making the Renewable Energy Revolution a Reality.

The 2024 Summit will delve into the practical aspects of manufacturing within the renewable energy sector, highlighting the essential components that will drive Australia’s transition to a sustainable future.


The Australian Government’s commitment to reducing emissions by 43% by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050, as outlined in the Climate Change Act 2022, sets the stage for a transformative era in renewable energy.

With an anticipated growth in renewable energy generation from 64GW to over 218GW by 2050, the manufacturing sector is at the forefront of this change, presented with unparalleled opportunities and significant challenges.

Focus Areas

The 2024 Summit will concentrate on four focus areas that are crucial for realising these ambitious goals:

Stakeholders: A collaborative approach is vital; achieving a social license from the key interest groups of conservationists, farmers, unions, and planning departments is essential to realising our renewable energy goals. The Summit will explore how different stakeholders, including government bodies, private sector companies, and community groups, can work together to drive the renewable energy sector forward.

Logistics: The massive scale of infrastructure development demands a meticulous logistics strategy. Discussions will revolve around efficient resource allocation, transportation challenges, and supply chain optimisation specific to manufacturing Australia’s renewable energy future.

Workforce Capacity: Recognising that a skilled workforce is the backbone of successful manufacturing, this focus area will address the growing demand for skilled professionals, particularly in welding and other technical fields. We will explore strategies for workforce development, training programs, and the integration of new technologies to improve productivity.

Policy: Robust policy frameworks are essential for guiding and supporting the renewable energy sector. This segment will focus on current policies, potential legislative changes, and the role of policy in facilitating a smooth transition to renewable energy.

The 2024 National Manufacturing Summit aims to bridge the gap between ambitious targets and practical implementation. The Summit should act as a catalyst for action, innovation, and collaboration, steering Australia towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

As we gear up for the 2024 Summit, we invite industry leaders, innovators, policy makers, and all stakeholders to join us in this pivotal event. Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities, setting a global benchmark in the renewable energy sector. Join us in shaping the future of manufacturing and renewable energy in Australia.