The National Manufacturing Summit is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

Centre for Future Work 

The Centre for Future Work is an initiative of the Australia Institute, to conduct and publish progressive economic research on work, employment, and labour markets. It serves as a unique centre of excellence on the economic issues facing working people: including the future of jobs, wages and income distribution, skills and training, sector and industry policies, globalisation, the role of government, public services, and more. The Centre develops timely and practical policy proposals to help make the world of work better for working people and their families. For further information, visit:

Carmichael Centre

The Carmichael Centre, a project of the Centre for Future Work at The Australia Institute, is named in honour of Laurie Carmichael, the legendary manufacturing unionist who passed away in 2018. The Carmichael Centre conducts and published research on themes related to Carmichael’s legacy, including: industrial relations, social policy, manufacturing and industry policy, vocational education and international labour solidarity. For further information, visit:

Oceanex Energy 

Oceanex Energy is an Australian company led by experienced Australian founders progressing the development and construction of up to 4 offshore wind farms off the coast of Australia.  These projects will provide a new source of large-scale, clean and reliable electricity that creates significant new investment, jobs and innovation opportunities, especially in key regional centres. In 2022, Oceanex announced it will be working with global energy leader Equinor to develop its three projects in New South Wales. Oceanex continues to develop the Bunbury Offshore Wind Farm in Western Australia and is an originator of the offshore wind industry in New Zealand. For further information, visit:

Department of Industry, Science and Resources

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources supports a productive, resilient, and sustainable economy that is enriched by science and technology. It does this by growing innovative and competitive businesses, industries and regions, investing in science and technology and supporting a strong resources sector. For further information, visit:


BlueScope is a provider of innovative steel materials, products, systems, and technologies, headquartered in Australia with operations spread across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and throughout Asia.

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel products, and with our strong expertise in steel we provide vital components for houses, buildings, infrastructure, automotive and more. Our global networks are another great strength at BlueScope. With more than 160 operations and sales offices across 18 countries, we employ over 15,000 people and serve thousands of customers every day.

BlueScope produces XLERPLATE® steel and REDCOR® weathering steel for structural steel applications. When used in the appropriate environment designed and detailed correctly, REDCOR® weathering steel has the potential to improve the asset’s service life as well as deliver lower construction and ongoing maintenance costs compared with conventional structural steels, making it an attractive design consideration.